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Re: Eekkkk !! Nervous !!

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@Trayg 31823 wrote:

Hi, all good so. Far .. Had a couple of wobbles with food .. Stuck a piece of bread in my mouth last night without even realising when I was doing packed lunches ?!! It was automatic .. I haven’t worried too much tho cos I have whieghed myself and lost another 4lbs since mon , and I have been back on track today and have til mon to redeem it lol , it’s actually surprising that I’m not really hungry , it’s just when I’m doing other peoples food , I have been on a mission cleaning getting all laundry done and I’m working til 7 fri and sat so it will take my mind off things …. Just gonna strip all the beds Sunday and get my bag packed ,, I’m intrigued by dry mouth spray ?? Will I need it ? Any other tips as what to take ? I’m hopefully coming out the same day xxxx:heh:

You don’t need it but I found it helpful , especially afterward my mouth was continually dry and I think a bit smelly so it refreshed it , it’s very small and van pop in a hand bag . I had some peppermint tea bags for the wind , we tend to get wind pain after the surgery . But walking and knee bends help and don’t be embarrassed to let it go . I had some nice music on my phone and I also down loaded a talking book , only because I find it blocks my negative thoughts and help my anxiety . But don’t forget your head phones lol . Make sure you got a few things in to eat and drink for when you come out of hospital . That difficult because it seems every surgion is different . I had the wonderful Mr Somers and I was on sloppy thin food on day 2 post op . So I had ready break , weetabix , yogurts ( remember low sugar under 5% per 100 g . I spent ages looking and I can really only have ww yogurts . Or I make my own . Home made soup is really nice . But I really found Carole ball book so helpful . . However it seems that very one is different in how they react ,

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