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Re: Eeeek! Is this normal?

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Thanks for all your promising encouragement and support.
The main reason I want to lose more is that my BMI is still over 32 and I need surgery for an umbilical hernia and the doctor says I have to be well under 30 before they will operate.
I have had a bad chest infection and every time I cough my guts pop out and I get a terrific pain in my side and I have to calm myself down enough to lay down and relax so that I can puch it back in again which is hard to do when you are in pain and scared it will not go back in. Problem is that coughing is making it larger and I am not sure how much longer I can cope with it.
I am now on a huge dose of steriods for my chest which is going to make losing weight even more difficult.
Seems like you can’t win!
I just thank god that we are not discharged to soon as I need the support of the dietician, although having said that, last time I went I was told I had probably lost all I was going to lose which didn’t help my moral at all. I am seeing someone else on 14th Feb so fingers crossed they will be able to help.
Thanks again everyone, you are such a great bunch!

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