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Re: Eeeek! Is this normal?

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Small gains can and do happen from time to time, as Claire says lots of reasons for this. The 500 calories per day is only for the first couple of months, then you start to eat more and more as your pouch gets bigger. This is why weight loss starts to even out after 6-9 months and usually stops 9-12-18 months post op (sometimes sooner). This is also the reason why 60-70% ewl is the average the people lose. We could not survive on a permanent diet of 500 calories per day.

At 7 months post op, I wonder if 500 calories a day is enough? I am 11 months out and have been told that 1200 calories a day is not enough for me…maybe having too little is the reason for your plateau? Just an idea as too little can be as bad as too much! Confusing eh?! Obviously, I am not a dietician, and they will be able to advise you on this.

Each person reacts differently to intaking fewer calories and that’s why some have small gains, others have plateau’s etc. Also, everyone’s diet is different, some introduce sweets and chocolates again, some never do for example. This is also why we are told not to expect to become size 10’s with BMI’s under 25, because this simply will not happen for most people. 60-70% ewl is enough to change lives usually.

I have lost more, but I am more of an exception to the rule. I was told to expect to lose about 65%, and I had to prepare for that…

By the way, the amount malabsorped with a rny bypass is usually tiny and the body adapts to this over time, so it does not usually make a huge difference.

Do let us know what the dietician has to say.


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