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Re: Eating with band

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@natalieyoung 26691 wrote:

Should everything be decaf, I have even drinking normal tea and coffee! Had some sugar free squash but have to say having some hunger pains today!

Hi Natialie

Caffeine will make you more dehydrated more quickly, it doesn’t mean you can’t drink things with it in but you need to cut down the caffeine intake, if you can manage drinks without it in all the better. No added sugar squash is fine but if like me it has to be very weak now post op, but I had a bypass but I am some days really struggling with dehydration despite how much I drink. As Doodah says its all a learning curve! Every one learns by their mistakes and one thing bypasses can suffer from that banisters don’t is ‘dumping syndrome’ which I hear is very unpleasant, I thought I had had it two weeks post op but no I was dehydrated, now I have lots of bottles of water in the car my bag and around the house. I never been a big drinker, hate tea and coffee so not used to having a mug in my hand!


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