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Re: Eating post op bypass

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It’s such a roller coaster Theresa, I remember over Christmas last year I started drinking the odd glass of wine again after a year of abstinence and I felt Soooo guilty but I have come to realise now that just because we have had WLS it doesn’t mean we are not normal people and the odd treat here or there is not always going to send us down a slippery slope into failure.
The fact that we recognise that we maybe shouldn’t have had something is an amazing tool in helping us stay on the straight and narrow.
I dump so don’t eat sugary treats like cake etc but I can tolerate a couple of squares of dark chocolate or the odd biccie and I finally think I have a healthy relationship with food (ie I don’t eat the whole bar of choc or pack of biscuits!)
It’s early days and your body will tell you when you have had enough. after my honeymoon I felt toxic from eating rich food and drink and craved a salad! It’s was great!
You will get there Hun, don’t beat yourself up…it’s the steepest learning curve I have been on but soooo worth it!!
Love Katy xx

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