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Re: Eating loads while waiting for first fill on gastric band!!

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@hides 24003 wrote:

Hi nettie

I’m so sorry to hear about you and hubby… I do hope you are ok.

I love it when you reply to the others and offer them positive thoughts, cos i feel like things are going nowhere fast at the moment. I’m 4 stone 3 lbs loss, but i get days when i cant eat anything apart from biscuits and soup..( 4 days of sickness, everytime i sat down for a meal )… Then i get days like today when the roast has gone down 🙂 and then a small pudding 🙂 , and now i just want to pick…. 🙁 . You’d think the weight would be falling off, but it’s not…..

Please could you give me a general breakdown of a days food for you at the moment…… I just cant imagen getting to 5 stone at the moment , never mind nearly 7 . Wow you must be so happy with yourself at the moment . 🙂 .

A very stuck heidi . X

Hi Heidi,

I think maybe you are at the stage I was around Xmas time, the weight was coming off but quite slowly and it was disheartening for me I had to take the plunge and go a little tighter even though I knew it would mean saying goodbye to lots of the foods I loved, I guess it was a bit of a greiving process and although I knew I needed to tighten I knew I would lose the foods that had been my crutch for many years. I went tighter and since Xmas I haven’t looked back. Don’t get me wrong I hate my band when it punishes me, but lets face it I paid £6,000 for it to work so why waste the money and just have it sat there only half active. My band punishes me regularly when I break the rules and I hate the pain of that and the discomfort of the productive burb but it’s always my own fault usually for eating too much too fast, if I stick to the rules I don’t get punished it’s as simple as that.

As for a days food intake it looks a bit like this most days.

Breakfast: fruit smoothy, can’t eat anything else in the morning sometimes a drinking yoghurt will go down but not always, every day differs with what the band will accept and thats due to hydration levels mostly.
Mid morning: Baby bell cheese full fat chewed to disgusting levels of mush or it will come straight back. Sometimes I have a cheese dipper thing but that isn’t usually that successfull.
Lunch: Soup most days just half a bowl, with extra cheese for protein and calories, believe me it’s hard to get enough calories in if I don’t top up with full fat cheese and the protein is so important.
Mid afternoon: Slimfast shake, hate them but again need the calories and protein.
Dinner: A ramekin dish of some caserole or sauce based meal, I can’t eat dry food it doesn’t go down and more than a ramekin dish comes back up.
Evening: Another delightful slimfast shake if I’m low on calories or a yoghurt.
Bedtime: 1/2 pint hot milk and sweetners, I was once told by an old fashioned weight watchers leader that milk is essential when you are losing weight as it helps the elasticity of your skin, so I stick with that theory.
And that’s a day in the life of the contents of my stomach, on a bad day it ends up in the loo and on a good day I keep it all down, there is no sense to it some days my band is good and some days it isn’t but it’s usually down to the way I eat.
Hope that helps Heidi, take care my love and keep up the good work.

Nettie xx

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