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Re: Eating loads while waiting for first fill on gastric band!!

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Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven’t been around for the last week or so to offer support (my husband and I seperated last week so it’s been a tough time)

So, you feel like you’re failing? You feel like you should have had a bypass? You feel like you’re going to be the only person that can’t lose weight with a gastric band? All in all you feel pretty let down and that you might have pinned all your hopes on this band thing and it was a mistake.

How do I know you’re feeling like this you may ask, well guess what, we all feel that way, well I certainly did anyway. I knew someone that had a bypass the day before I had my band and the weight flew off her straight away and I was really struggling but I soon caught up. You have made the right decision, the band is right for you otherwise your surgeons wouldn’t have allowed you to have one. Just relax and follow the advice of maintaining your weight loss so far, I promise you faithfully that once you start having fills regularly you will see results and your band will become your very best friend and maybe your worst enemy sometimes when you want to stuff your face but it wont let you!

Take heart from me, I don’t advocate this behaviour but the night before my first fill I sat and ate a whole pizza, yes a family size one! I remember my husband saying to me ” I thought you weren’t able to eat lots, you can eat as much as you could before your op” I just sat and ate another slice and replied “maybe it hasn’t worked” I’m now 6 stone and 10lbs lighter and can’t even face the thought of a slice of pizza let alone a whole family sized one. And that was less than a year ago.

It will come good for you all, work with your band but don’t get disheartened whilst it’s being adjusted to your needs. If I’m honest I think that pre band more work should be done to prepare patients for this interim stage as I certainly thought it would be working well from the word go, I certainly didn’t expect to be able to eat a whole pizza.

Keep posting, keep supporting eachother and keep possitive, I’ll try and be around a bit more for you guys too.

Nettie xx

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