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Re: Eating & Drinking out

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stilltryingsohard wrote:
Gosh you are soo right Fee
The alcohol is very scary indeed
my diet sheet says similar no ”normal” solid foods till 8 weeks but actually i coud’nt manage it till 9 months post op
which is actually when my weight losses stopped
all connected i now think
although i didn’t link it at the time !!!!

Funnily enough I’ve now found a different diet sheet on my discharge advice sheet which is slightly different – I guess that reflects our differences and as others have said it’s all an experiment:

Discharge advice sheet:

Week 1 Liquids
Week 2 semi solids eg dal or humous
Week 3&4 increased bulk eg chunkier soups, mashed potato
Week 5 aim for a normal diet but take small bites chew very well and eat slowly
That version is definitely a faster progression isn’t it? I haven’t been sick this weekend at all so think I’m getting the hang of the volume and what’s okay. Fish and chips on the beach tonight, thought I’d just have a piece of cod and eat the insides…no desire for chips anyway – feel full at the thought! Trying to introduce new foods one by one, had cottage cheese with pineapple for lunch which I enjoyed.

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