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Re: Eating & Drinking out

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stilltryingsohard wrote:
I know what you mean-on formal occassions it can be a bit tricky
but we all have to be careful now as there is a long term study where (longterm bypass) patients have dangerously ”switched ”their addiction from food to alchol due to how the sugars react with our new guts and making you crave more
but in my group its happened to two and we only have a dozen of us !
I don’t doubt you could drink it now but whether it would be good for you is another matter entirely I think you have made a wise choice (the first of many to come i’m sure lol!)

It’s also amazing that you were able to manage a little bit of everything at last weeks dinner
god how things have changed post bypass in only 28 months- I couldn’t eat ”real ” foods for months

I’ve just looked up my diet sheet. The advice from Streamline at Harrow now is as follows:
Week 0 liquid
Week 1-4 pureed
Week 4-8 mashed / minced (says soft food like veg and fish just chew well or mash with fork back – this where I was lucky with dinner menu.
Week 8+ normal consistency with warning that you mayn’t tolerate some foods but everyone is different.

Thought you’d be interested to see if it has changed much Still?

Re the alcohol – I know someone who has transferred addictions too also know a woman my age (mid fifties) who is drinking herself to death (not a bypasser) and no way would anyone want to swap the food issues we have for her predicament!

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