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Re: Eating & Drinking out

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In the early stages, it’s probably best to avoid alcohol altogether (sorry) as it is full of sugars and calories. You may dump on it and it makes you squiffy VERY quickly.

On a more serious note, bypassers process the alcohol very quickly which obviously leads to rapid intoxication. This is a problem for those of us who drive as, although you might be below the legal limit for alcohol and driving, physically and physiologically you could be incapable. It would also render you less capable to make decisions so your overall safety could be compromised (bad decisions can lead to bad situations)

Sorry to sound like such a killjoy but we need to be aware of such things. I’m three years out and can have 2-3 small glasses of wine on special occasions but only do so if I am with others and have a designated driver. I’ve been to 3 weddings in the past 6 months and drank throughout the day at all of them. I was ok and had a fabulous time but they were special occasions.

Hope you find this helpfull.

ps For the first year, I avoided alcohol altogether but gradually introduced watered down wine, flat beer and clear spirits with sugar free cordials. Tea and coffee are great alternatives and keep you WARM.

Doodah x

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