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Re: Dumping syndrome

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Hi Jane
I think everyone is different. I am six months post op and avoid sugar like the plague although I can eat natural sugars like honey with no problems. The only things I have ‘dumped’ on were a yogurt in the early stages and a salmon andnpesto tart more recently but i think it was too rich. I suspect that too much of anything high in carbs or fat can cause it and my experience of I was so awful that I try to totally avoid anything that might cause it unless I am in the safety of my own home! On the flip side i find it sometimes a good thing when dumping or frothing occur as it reminds me that everything’s working as it should. Don’t get disheartened by it. I don’t have too much trouble finding things to eat and have lost 8 stone in 6 months and am now a BMI of 25…. something I never imagined could happen!!
Katy 🙂

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