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Re: Dumping Syndrome

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@squeakyfruitbat 22222 wrote:

I’m not sure it’s true that people who don’t dump struggle with WLS. I don’t think I’m a dumper … OJ has not made me dump but even if I find I’m not I am determined to succeed. I have really bad head hunger as I have an addiction to food but I am using my RNY my psychologist and my personal willpower to overcome this addiction to food… Dumping might be helpful but it’s not the be all .. I gave up smoking and I am determined that I will use this opportunity to reset my relationship with food … If I can achieve this without dumping then I will be extra proud of myself cx

And so you should be! We all think obesity is a self fulfilling prophecy as we expect to fail at every method we try to lose weight. However, the key word is prophecy – it’s a guess, a possibility. That means it’s NOT written in stone. We can change our futures. Wls helps us to do that, it doesn’t do it for us. I have only ever dumped from deliberately sabotaging myself once: with some shortbread at Christmas the first one after surgery. I felt left out and fed up at not being able to eat all the scrummy food around the house for my family. I ate the damn shortbread knowing full well it might make me dump. OMG did it!! I almost ruined my Chridtmas eve for a bit of shortbread. If ever there was a losing bargain, well…. Since then I have only ever dumped through finding out what my new system won’t accept – rice, animal protein, anything ‘doughy’ and certain fruits. I refuse to sabotage the wonderful gift I’ve been given. I’m 4 years out and now have a totally different relationship with food – a normal one! It’s all I ever wanted: the healthy body mother nature gave me that I abused, took for granted and almost destoyed.

However we use wls, we get our lives back and if we are really lucky – a better one.

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