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Re: Dumping Syndrome

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Hi guys.. I agree we’ve had weight loss surgery so we should avoid all bad food and that is entirely my intention however this is the real world and I think to say that we will never ever eat something bad is unrealistic… In my opinion I think for me… And I can only speak for me… I want to reset my relationship with food, use all the tools I’ve been given and learn slowly to have a healthy relationship with food… I’m very determined I won’t eat anything bad but I know that real life dictates that at some point there will be a biscuit or a crisp or a roast potatoes… I need to learn that is ok… In moderation… And to not punish myself if I do eat something ‘off plan’ and then just give in and gorge… I was brought up with some really bad attitudes to food and have an emotional addiction to food..I was made to feel bad food was naughty and I ended up abusing it.. I want kids and I don’t want them to have the same issues… I want them to enjoy food of all sorts and not abuse it… I need a good attitude to all food to achieve this.. I wanna beat this … Be more ‘nirmal’ with food and even enjoy the odd treat like other people can its gonna take a lot of time and work but i believe ir can be acheivedxxx

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