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Re: Dumping Syndrome

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Again I say, with such a positive mental attitude, you are streets ahead already. I have the odd treat – because it’s ‘normal’ to do so. I went to a wedding last year where I drank champagne for most of the day (and night!) and didn’t have one twinge of guilt. It was a wedding, a special occasion, a once’ maybe twice a year event, a joyful day. At one point I was the only person shuffling about on the dance floor! I rarely drink alcohol the rest of the time and I didn’t before surgery.

I also believe that the longer you spend re-educating yourself about food and why you abuse it, the more likely you are to succeed in fully understanding the changes needed to address them. You are obviously mindful of that in a very positive way. No doubt your future children will learn good habits from you which could be hugely influential for all the future generations of your family. You could be the one to save your family from having the same food problems as you. How fantastic is that?!

Doodah xx

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