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Re: dumping six years post op !!!!!!

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Hi Doodah, thanks for your reply and advice, I have had so many tests I’ve literally lost track from brain scans to so much blood work I,m surprised I have any left lol I am currently trying a low crab/clean food diet, cutting out all processed, prepackaged food and slowly I am starting to feel better but its early days and very difficult, making note of any food reactions, its almost like going back to the beginning again but I will certain go back to the gp if it doesn’t improve. what makes it harder is the fact that we only moved up to Runcorn just over a year ago and there doesn’t seem to be the post barbaric knowledge that I had access to in Kent, oh well I will keep going, I am trying to find a support group up here so if you or anyone on the forum know of one near Liverpool or Runcorn area I would love to hear from them.

Again thanks for the advice Doodah its good to be back and know your there.

Lots of love

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