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Reply To: Dumping after sleeve

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@falcon 28758 wrote:

I would be grateful for tips from anyone who has been through it 😀

I am surprised by how awful it is, I will never be able to look at a coconut milk yoghurt again! Anything processed seems to be a big no. I am away for the weekend at a festival and will be dependent on the various food vans. I am still on soft food so am hoping for a baked potato van!

Dumping is absolutely awful isn’t it – but also somehow welcome. After almost 5 years, I still get caught out and have the odd dumping session. It is a stark reminder of who is boss and why we lose so much weight and keep it off.

As for attending a festival, how about packing all your own stuff to keep in a freezer/cool bag? Soup is a sure fire success as you can eat either either cold or hot (depending on what is in it) as veggie based things are more palatable either way. Crustless Quiche is another good one. The recipe can be found in Carol Ball’s book:


But is basically veggies, eggs, seasoning and bake in an oven!

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a super time. Just eat slowly, choose the right things and if in doubt: don’t! You don’t want to be dumping in a field full of people lol!

Doodah x

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