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Re: Due for RNY surgery and needing some support

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@penny 34477 wrote:

Hi Doodah, I have done this mail 3 times now it may be somewhere but i have lost it just now, ( I hope I have not lost the plot) so if you have read it already sorry! I wanted to ask how do you find things after you had surgery 7 years ago what I mean is, how do you find eating do you still eat size of ramakin, do you ever eat out at resturants do you get pain from the surgery, does your actual stomach feel different, (as I had the failed band after 6 years,) really what is life like on the eating habits after long term surgery. I read a scary bit on the internet wish I had not,
Also do you still lose weight now I mean when does this stop. sorry I am babble on. xxx

Hi Penny

I can honestly tell you with my hand on my heart that I eat like a ‘normal’ person, just far less of it. My weight has been stable for about 5 years now. The only time I gained any was when I had to have really high doses of steroids for my asthma. I contacted my team about it and they told me not to panic and that everything would go back to normal once I had finished them. Guess what? they were right!

I eat out all the time and enjoy the odd glass of wine. I never did drink much anyway so that is no hardship. I’m a vegetarian now too. Portion sizes are about ramekin sized but eaten on a plate – a small one. I have had dumping syndrome in the past but I rarely get it now, unless there are ‘hidden’ sugar and fats in things.

I plan ahead. I make sure I have healthy snacks in the house at all times. However, I do have a little of what I fancy at the weekends. The only time I ever have pain is if I have either eaten too fast, or have drunk too soon after eating (or vice versa.) I had an open bypass with my gallbladder removed at the same time. I was pain free within 3 days of surgery.

The general rule of thumb is simple – follow the guidelines strictly: for as long as possible. Then stick to them 95% of the time, relaxing them for special occasions. Take any supplements you are advised to have, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep. Eat as much protein as you can after surgery as this will aid healing.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself and put yourself first for once in your life. It’s YOUR chance to have a healthier and happier life. It is not selfish. The people who love you will have a healthier, happier you – win:win.

I hope this rambling post helps you. feel free to ask absolutely anything, ok? It’s all new, a bit scary and sometimes confusing. But MY LIFE it’s worth it.

Doodah x

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