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Re: Due for RNY surgery and needing some support

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Penny I know I’m poorly but that’s because I had heart problems before , honestly if you had seen me a year ago , I was doing aqua 4 times a week Pilates , cycling . . Most of my health problems disappeared except the heart .
I can eat a fillet steak , I struggle a bit with prawns now but can eat salmon cod . I go out for meals had a curry at the weekend ( usually have a starter ) then eat of hubby plate . I do like an occasional glass of bubbly . But I would advice you to be in company that you know will look after you , because you get tiddly very quickly , then sober up almost as quickly . I’m very funny when I had a glass . When out at the pub ( we do a pub quiz once a week ) I like a cup of tea or coffee . But if they haven’t got that I ask for tab water with ice and always carry a Robinson shot nas squash in my hand bag . We don’t eat take always any more , but that’s a good thing . Early day if I was asked to friend for dinner I would take my own frozen purred meal . As they good friends that would be embarrassed but relieved . Now they just accept it . Lots of people have special dietary needs now . One tip as it seems every one has to offer you fluids with meals just ask for tap water and leave it !!! It stop waiters stressing . If I can find any thing on the menu I will order a main meal and leave it , for me it now the company that’s important not the food . I will say to waiter the dinner lovely but I’ve had surgery so I can’t eat much ( I don’t tell them what I had done it’s none of there business ) but thank you . Only because they can get upset when you leave loads . Even abroad I managed you can always find some thing
what I have learnt is in the car have an emergency box with bits and pieces I been in hospital with relatives poorly . Packet of cuppa porridge just add water , pkts nuts . You can also get pkts latte , oat biscuits nas Robinson squash . Melba toast . Nuts are brilliant

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