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Re: Does weight loss results in weakness?

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Hi Sophia,

What a wonderful question.
In many ways their will never be an answer apart from you own individual experiences.
With dramatic weightloss there will be a certain ammount of muscle loss too….

This is why its important to try to excercise as much as you can, whenever you can, It would probably help with excess loos skin as you tone up.
The trouble is energy levels at times will be low, so depending how far out you are is where you need to concentrate on foods that will sustain the energy levels you need….. A bananna before you work out is always a good source….

Do ask the questions to your team, as if your wanting to increase your exercise their might be some high protien drinks that will help….

Getting your diet right is important…

Trouble is with so little going in its so easy to feel deflated and out of sorts….. dehydration is a worry too so I would suggest looking for a hydraing protien drink to give you that little bit more.
I am by far from proffesional its mearly my opinion…..:)

I hope that gives you some ideas..

All the best as you adventure on….

Andy aka BUZZ

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