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Re: Does weight loss results in weakness?

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hi sophie,
tHIS IS ONE OF THE CONCERNS i HAVE.i HAD BYPASS almost 30 months ago so have gone passed the stages where you can only eat a little bit of food
but in order to not gain my weight back I MUST keep to a very small amount of food as if i go over 1000 calories daily I actually gain weight.Even though I have lost 13 stones I am still a very large woman at 18 and a half stones and my bmi is still 41 and you are correct I do feel weak and tired and my excesize really leaves me exhausted as i am too big to survive on only 1000 calories daily. I am being re ferred to my surgeon as even my gp thinks i should not be this big 30 months post bypass so you are quite right to think about this-as pre bypass I had no idea that this could happen.
hOWEVER,I stress that this doesnt seem to happen to many on this forum(although it is common in former super obese patients) so this is only MY OWN experience.
My bypass has saved my life and I would do it again tomorrow x

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