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Re: Does anyone ever regret having their surgery?

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This is not the ‘easy option’ that the media like to claim it is, but as everyone says so worth it. It takes work everyday but it does make life so much better.

I had my bypass on 13th Jan 2011 and so far have lost 9 1/2 stone since I started my pre op diet on 11th Dec 2010. I have gone from a 28-30 and creeping towards a 32, and I have just brought a size 12 skirt in M & S at the weekend and even got on a pair of size 10 Next jeans! But so much more important is the improvement in my health, I have stopped the damage to my liver and the diabetes.

So it is quite normal to have doubts but that is because this means so much to you. So keep calm and in a few weeks time this will be a nano second of time in the grand scheme of things.

Good luck, keep busy… lots of cleaning, walking and sugarfree jellies and drinking lots of water. You will literally pooh and wash the fat out of your body if you do.

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