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Re: Discrimination and obesity

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@Kimberly 28936 wrote:

Hi some of you might have seen my previous thread where ATM I’m having heart problems and having to put the WLS on hold . .
Now I’m not going to pretend that being obese has not impacted on my health , and I know losing weight will help ,
But it feels to me that it clouding their decision . Has other felt discriminated about being overweight .

Kimberly, this is a really significant and important post. Thank you SO much for raising the issue.

I should imagine that almost everyone who answers it will say ‘Yes’ to your question. I know I do!

My dear little Mum once told a doctor that if he mentioned my weight once more she would poke his eyes out!! She was so frustrated by the way he attributed absolutely everything that went wrong with my pregnancies that she was pushed to the absolute limit. It prompted the threat!

I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum (what The Duchess of Cambridge had but about 100 times worse) and ended up in hospital the entire time throughout both my pregnancies. My children were both born premature and had significant health problems. HG can happen to any woman regardless of weight, race, colour or religion but my GP said it was because of my weight! I had to get a different GP in the end.

Then, on my 25th wedding anniversary, a complete stranger in the street pointed at me and shouted ‘Look at the size of THAT’. She didn’t even refer to me as a human being. That stung and hurt me more than I could ever say but to my surprise and gratitude, the whole of Temple Bar (in Dublin) turned on her and shouted her down. Gotta love Irish people!!

So, as you can see Kimberly, I have experienced discrimination and prejudice both medically (like you) and emotionally/psychologically (probably like everyone else) on more than a few occasions. It’s wrong, unacceptable, reprehensible and possibly (and if it isn’t it ruddy well should be) illegal. I do so hope that it will be stamped out in the near future. The USA now recognises obesity as a disease so maybe the tide is turning…..? Let’s all live in hope.

Doodah x

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