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Re: Discrimination and obesity

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@Kimberly 29020 wrote:

Thank you yes it’s Southampton nhs .
The cardiologist recommended the milk diet . Apparently they have a weight limit of 125 kgs , it’s to do with operating tables luckily I’m just under ATM . So I’m on day one of the milk diet but at least I have a feeling of hope that I have a future . To be really honest when I was told my heart not fit enough for WLS , I though that I was doomed , and i felt like a ticking time bomb waiting for the big heart attack . So if your looking at this and thinking about WLS do it .love your self enough to do it .

Absolutely, 100% agree with you Kimberly. I say at every seminar and support group: ‘Be kind to yourself and just for once, put yourself first.’ and I ALWAYS mean it.

One of our dear friends decided to give up smoking when his partner became pregnant as he didn’t want his nicotine-laden breath to transfer to his partner when they kissed (she is a non-smoker.) He loved his unborn child so much that he just quit and went cold turkey.

Unfortunately, he should have loved himself more and given up sooner – he is now terminally ill with cancer. He will not see the child he loves more than anything else in the world, including himself, child grow up. He always thought he would never marry or have children so he didn’t have a reason to quit smoking. We all tried to make him see that HE was worth quitting for. It fell on deaf ears.

The point I’m trying to make is that Kimberly is utterly correct – do it now. Don’t wait. Love yourself enough to do this for YOU. None of live in isolation – there is always someone to whom you mean the world even if you might have forgotten it. Save your own life while you have the chance. My ONLY regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. unlike my dear friend, I didn’t leave it too late for another shot at life.

Kimberly you are never doomed until they tell you so. There is always hope up until that point.

Sorry if I’m being a bit maudlin today: it’s one month since I lost my darling dog, Bennie. I still miss him so much but know that he is at peace over the rainbow bridge: it’s the only thing that makes it bearable. Our friend loved him too so hopefully he will walk him for me when he gets there……

Doodah x

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