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Re: Discrimination and obesity

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@Kimberly 29014 wrote:

Thank you
I have just seen the cardiologist who referring me to see the cardiac surgeons in Southampton , I’m having fingers cross my aortic heart valve replaced. I am still having to keep trying to lose weight as every pound counts in post operation recovery . He said after the heart surgery in 6 months or a bit longer then I might be fit enough for WLS .
What a wake up call , but it’s now so important that I lose weight , my life really depends on it .

I know the cardiac team in Southampton quite well (Southampton General Hospital NHS) and they are an absolutely superb group of people. They have saved my Dad’s life twice! My Sister used to work on the cardiothoracic ward so I can assure you that the whole team are totally dedicated professionals.

In a way, You are getting two shots at a better, healthier life: a fixed and beautifully ticking heart that will help you to lose your excess weight. I always try to see the positives!

I’m so, so in awe of you Kimberly. You have tried to remain upbeat and positive when, quite frankly, many of us would have just crumbled. You are a ruddy inspiration. ‘Never give up: never surrender’ as Captain Kirk says lol! I actually think you might be the bravest of us all ;-))

Doodah x

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