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Re: Discrimination and obesity

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So sorry to hear that you are having heart problems. My wls was delayed by a few months as the anaesthetist was worried about my pacemaker, but was having it changed anyway as the battery was going. This was done in February and I finally had wls surgery 2 weeks ago without any problems. My cardiologist and GP were so supportive and recommended the surgery. With regard to prejudice, although no one had actually said anything to me I always felt awkward when trying to get to a table in a restaurant and having to ask people to move their chairs, or asking cabin crew for an extension for the seat belt and feeling like a great lump of lard because of it. Well no more! I’ve now started my new life and am already seeing the results. People should be more tolerant. If you are anything like me I wasn’t forever feeding my face but feel a lot of the problem was emotional eating and yo yo dieting.

I hope you can get your health problems sorted quickly.

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