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Re: Discrimination (again) in the media

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I think the government see obese people as easy targets as they are the last group of people that many in society think it’s ok to discriminate against. ‘Fatism’ isn’t viewed as seriously as any other ‘ism’ in my opinion.

The fact that it can ruin people’s lives, and those of their families means zilch to the people looking to make spending cuts. Imagine if funding were questioned for mental health facilities or rehab for drugs or alcohol etc?! We need to stand up for ourselves and show people that with the right help readily available (more funding for WLS) we will eventually save tax payers a fortune. Then get more education at GRASS ROOTS level. Educate our children about nutrition and healthy living. As an older person, I think PE and cookery should be compulsory in schools again!! Not food tech (where kids make pasta with a sauce from a jar) but proper cooking from scratch with a basic understanding of how to buy, prepare and cook healthy food.

Anyway, that’s my rant over lol! What does eveyone else think? Should parents be made accountable NOW to save all the agony of obesity for future generations? Does the onus lie at home or with society to change people’s relationship with food and lack of interest in exercise? In short: who (if anyone) is to ‘blame’……?

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