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Re: Dilema???

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Oh my goodness, two potentially life changing events, that are poles apart! This may sound like a weird, soppy, soft way of making a decision, and I fully accept that it’s not for every body, but this is what I do when I am struggling to make a choice, and although it is impossible to say whether I made the right choice or not, I have always been happy with the outcome, so that’s enough for me!
What I do is “try each situation on”. Imagine you taking yourself off the list, packing your bags, travelling and starting your new role. Imagine each day, think about what three months in feels like. Imagine a really good day. Imagine a really stressful day. Think about ringing home and speaking to your family. Think about feeling homesick. Really try and immerse yourself in how that feels. Then think about how your body feels in reaction to this. Does your tummy do summersaults of excitement? Does your heart race in anxiety? Does it feel “true” to you?

Then try it with the other option, of staying and having the op. Think about the milk diet, the walk down to surgery, think about pureeing your meals, really try and feel it. Then think again about the physical sensations and reactions. Does one option feel “more right” than the other?

The other thing is, have you told work your concerns? Is there likely to be another opportunity if you don’t go for it this time?

As everyone else has said, only you can make the decision, but I might be a bit tempted to at least apply for it, and see what comes of it. I was once given an amazing piece of advice, and that was that a job interview or application process isn’t just for them to see if you are the one for them, but also for you to see if it is what you really want. That was so empowering, and the next time I went for an interview, I was offered the job, but having seen how the team worked etc, I decided it really wasn’t for me. And I then heard that three months later the company went out of business, so I was so relieved!
Good luck in whatever you decide to do, just trust yourself and your intuition, then whatever decision you make, you will know that you made the best one for you!

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