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Re: Dilema???

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@mccharm2005 33778 wrote:

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far. I welcome everything that has been said and I am pleased to get some honest feedback from a different angle than others who do not have an understanding of weight loss struggles.

Since my first post I have spoken to St Richards and they have helped clear up that part of my question. Basically if I chose to take the secondment they will have to discharge me back to my GP however when i return the GP can refer me back to them without having to start the whole process from the tier 3 stage. The downside is that I will have to wait for a new MDT appointment and start my wait for a date again. The lady I spoke to did say that they hope to be getting the wait times back down nearer to a 3 month wait but it could still be around 6 months which is a chance I would have to take. Luckily my health is not really bad at this point however I take on board the comments about American portion sizes etc.. And I understand that this could be a big issue if I don’t control myself, but I suppose history shows that is not a strong point of mine lol. Well I still have a lot of thinking to do on this subject so please keep advise coming. Isn’t it just typical that two fantastic things that I have waited for years to come along happen at the same time? Maybe I should hope for the third thing and do a couple of lines on the euro millions this week lol.

It is definitely good news that you would not have to start from scratch again mccharm, what do your family think?


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