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Re: Diabectic food

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Hi Emily,
From a personal point….

Diabetic Chocolate a…… with ice cream lol…..
At 4 weeks out I would not be trying it purely because of the sweetener.
Your find your tastes have changed and just how sweet things really are soon enough.

As a diabetic way way before I had surgery my diabetic nurse told me not to bother with diabetic chocolate because it was a waste of time and so very expensive. If I wanted a little chocolate then have some, but just a little….

Chocolate, diabetes, cholesterol high blood pressure and a potential early grave is why I had surgery, weight loss for me personally was a bonus or the icing on the cake…

Whilst your only 4 weeks out you really should be avoiding sweet stuff, diabetic or not, your going to be a little unpredicable with eating for a litle whaile and why take any risks? Dumping and frothing are tell tale signs you wont want to repeat. As are the horendous stomach aches and trotts that follow….. All for a little chocolate?.

How about finding a reduced fat / sugar free chocolate ice cream and try a little. not a lot. You could find yourself filling up on this where you need to be concentrating on protien….. Limit yourself to a very little so as not to spoil the honeymoon….
Most of us only get one chance at this..

Bear in mind ice cream is a slider food…. you could eat more than you should as it goes straight through, theirs really not much benefit. How about adding a bannana to a chocolate icecream milkshake? hmmmm… least that way your consuming something of substance lol.

I know the craving oh too well…. wish I had perservered longer than I did, but then thats me…. if I’m not supposed to I WILL just for the hell of it. (a rebeliuos sort).

Just trying to help. I know its hard (being a chocoholic got me to where I was)…. just dont want you to suffer hun….

All the best

Buzz xx

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