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Re: Demand soars for 8XL (80″) waistbands in obesity hit Britain

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Hmmm, I tend to think team sports are a young person’s thing, you reach an age where, fat or thin, you just don’t have the legs for running. I could probably managed a defensive netball position (small court, therefore less running).

The absolutely best thing about getting active is the social side. My obesity was a very isolating thing, when I went out it would be head down and no eye contact. These days, I walk every day with the dog and I talk to strangers all the time, it’s fab.

And yes my Dad was lovely and kind. He died at the end of 2013 and in no small way, losing him was a catalyst in me having the bypass. The death of a parent flags up your own mortality. I’m not going to get maudlin about it, but I very much wish he could see me now

Chris x

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