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Re: Demand soars for 8XL (80″) waistbands in obesity hit Britain

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@Doodah 34910 wrote:

The obesity crisis sweeping Britain is laid bare as demand soars for 8XL waistbands | Daily Mail Online

Even children’s school clothing is having to make large adult size uniforms.

I find it sad that they have to deal with this at such an early age. I was a size 32-34 before my surgery and it was absolutely soul destroying at times, trying to look smart and presentable. Goodness knows how these children must feel. I bet they also have fat-shaming bullies to deal with too. Now THAT breaks my heart. Plus the fact they are destined to a life of obesity and yo-yo dieting – just like many of us were 🙁

Doodah x

I remember how difficult it was to find clothes that fitted and well fashionable. I was an average size child who suddenly put on weight as I hit puberty for hormonal reasons. I never understood why because my eating never changed. Trying to look reasonable was a real issue and it was an age when clothes really matter. Now there are lots of clothes available for larger size people and as those who know me would understand bright colours and my bling are really important to me. I have managed that for many years now, but those years were really difficult. So I am glad that for today’s young people clothes are available in a greater range of sizes.

However, as Doodah says, young people who are overweight at that age probably have a lifetime of fighting their weight issues ahead of them, which is sad. It is not just those who are overweight then that need to worry though. Many teenagers and young people manage to not be overweight despite having terrible eating habits which are bad for everyone. This might catch up with them later. I think the focus should be on healthy eating and exercise at all ages, rather than on those who are obese as such. Then hidden problems to do with unhealthy lifestyles can be addressed more fully which will have more positive affects throughout life.


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