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Re: Deal, Kent Meet up

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@Deifersmum 32197 wrote:

Hi Doodah, thanks for your kind words, its like having a big virtual hug, it’s nice to know that there is someone who understands. I think I’m almost there, my hubby and me had a big chat yesterday, there was an article in the daily mail about a chap who had been 32 stone, had a gastric band but was so addicted to food that he was liquidising deep fried mars bars and burgers and the like, he had got down to 15 stone but is now up to 22 stone. I showed this to hubby and we both agreed that it’s time to stop spinning out of control and take that control back. He is just as determined as me and he’s an absolute angel. On the scales this morning and I’ve lost 2lb of the stone I’ve put on since Christmas, gosh I can’t believe how honest I’m being with you but it’s good for me.

I know of one person, not personally, but through my hairdresser, who has had wls and unfortunately she doesn’t want to talk about it. I think it’s getting over the fact that what is said and who we are stays private, its’ really learning to trust each other and I suppose it’s one of the hang ups of being overweight that you never feel right opening up to people you don’t know in case you get judged or, worse ridiculed.

There is a support group of sorts that meets in Maidstone, but that’s more about ‘secret surgery’ than WLS, dont’ worry I’ll sort something out, even if it’s coming on here every night and pouring my heart out to you I WILL GET THERE….

Thanks for all your help and support doodah I’d be lost without it and you.

Lots of love

Lesley, my darling, you are more than welcome. We truly are all in this together. Like I have said on another thread, I have had so much love and support in the past from you guys that it has made some very tough times bearable.

I think you are 100% right about overweight people finding it difficult to trust. Someone posted on Twitter this morning that discrimination against the overweight/obese is the last one that people still think is perfectly acceptable. He is right in my opinion. We have all been hurt by it.

That 2lbs off is fantastic. If it doesn’t sound much, lug round a bag of sugar all day in your bag and see what it feels like! I’m always here for you all. If ever you want to vent in private, simply private message me or email me

100% guaranteed confidentiality.

Your other half sounds wonderful. No more than you deserve 🙂

Doodah x

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