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Re: Day Four -Disaster has Struck

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@charabanc 25459 wrote:


Well I have sailed through days 1-3 no problem at all, in fact I even thought yesterday afternoon that I hadn’t felt as well as I was feeling in a long time.
But. . . . . . . As I hadn’t done a no2 I thought I had better take a dulcolax, especially as I have been taking nurofen plus like sweeties for the last week for my raging tooth ache (not at the dentist until next Tuesday), the last thing I wanted was constipation!

All ok until this morning when I got up at 5am, I thought I had better see what’s what, so to speak. . . . . . . . . . . . .like water and in excruciating pain, 30 minutes later, felt faint and dizzy, nothing else to do but ring work and take the day off sick. Went back to bed, and stayed there till 1pm, and apart from an empty stomach rumbling every now and again, I am now fine.
So I don’t think I will try them again, think I will let nature take its course!
Has anyone else experienced problems like thes aft taking dulcolax?

Have a nice day everyone


I have. Almost didn’t make it to the loo once. Very uncomfortable pains in the tum but they are the only things that really work for me so I put up with it. However, only take them if I have no deadline to meet the following morning ie an appointment/meeting. They become less effective the longer you use them so I only take them as an absolute resort. We live, learn and often repeat unfortunately!!

Have a good one yourself – day that is haha!

Doodah x

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