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Re: Day 6/14 of Diet :-(

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Hey Guys & Gals,
Thanks for all the responses. It’s always reassuring to know you’ll get a response from like minded, people in the same situation as you 🙂
I appreciate your candor and time taken to reply.
After reading your responses I decided if I was close to falling off the wagon I should do so for a worthy cause. It seemed pointless doing so for an eagerly grabbed biscuit of some such so I asked my wife (who can’t understand how I’m managing a whole day, let alone a whole week) to do me a grilled bacon in a panini.
This she kindly did and I ate with great relish and patiance. It should be noted I had to take a break 1/2 way through and after eating slowly was full the rest of the evening. As a result I missed off eating my jelly and only drank 2 pints of milk.

As with so many other things though. It was the anticipation more than the act than I enjoyed. Or is that just me 🙂
Anyway hopefully I can continue now until the end without the need to fall off the wagon again. I did weigh myself yesterday. Something sadly that seems to consume more time that it should and found I’d lost another 2lbs.
This totals 12lbs and whilst I realise and appreciate I shouldn’t be concentrating on the weight loose, it’s hard to do.

Anyway I’ve chuntered on long enough, or too long some might say.
I’m off for a glass of milk 🙂
Regards Colin

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