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Re: day 6……….feeling sick my own fault!!!!

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@chunkyem 30104 wrote:

Hi ladies
been reading lots especially wilkin 47 following you and your journey since last week!

Well had my gas band last friday and have made a good recovery considering a huge reaction to anesthetic and tramadol……I woke up after surgery being sick and retching so had to be in recovery for 3 hrs until I looked comfortable for my nervous pacing husband ( words from my nurse).
Anyway like I said recovery is very well and im even taking kids to school walking of course but sometimes my tummy can feel tight with pressure and feels like theres a 5 mth baby in there kicking around??? Is this wind?

I feel totally sick now which is all my fault as I went to have my soup for dinner and ate a 2nd portion because I was starving. It was one of the fresh soups you get in the chill cabinet in the supper market so it was quite a bit!!!! Not only that I ate 1/2 portion of angel delight……….I will never ever do this again I feel sick and nauseous. What pig I was!!!

Lovely to hear kimberly your back home aswell.

Nausea and vomiting are a great deterrent aren’t they?! At least you know how wretched you will feel should you ever be tempted to do it again.

That was yesterday – today is today. Forgive yourself, get over it and vow never to do it again. Then move on. It’s all a massive learning curve and you just had ‘bandster 101’!!

Doodah x

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