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Re: Day 4 post op, was doing so well and feel rubbish today.

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@Sparklepumpkin 28693 wrote:

Well as of yesterday each day I could feel myself getting better. Yesterday I even ventured to my Mum’s house, and didnt need all my pain meds. Then in the evening I had mashed potatoes and tuna (not blended), and instantly felt it hasnt agreed with me. Fast forward to today and I have a heavy feeling just below my incision sites, bloated and nauseous. I am feeling a bit down today as I have been sleeping most of the day. I know I only had major surgery a few days ago, but I felt I was doing so well until today. I just hope tomorrow is a better day. Also the morning of my op I had a v good bowel clear out, but haven’t been since my surgery, could that be what is causing the discomfort. Any help would be great.
H xxx

Hi sparkle

Sorry to hear you had a rough day yesterday. As the very wise Treeza said, it is quite common to feel pants about day 4/5 after major surgery. Please just take one day at a time and be kind to yourself.

No bowel movement could be making you feel sluggish and bloated in addition to trying not so blended food for the first time. go back to basics again (or even the beginning) today and see how you get on.

I know I repeat this over and over again until you all probably want to gag me but make 100% sure you are hydrated. Sip, sip, sip all day – dehydration causes constipation at the best of times let alone a few days after a major procedure! It also make you feel miserable. So, that in combination with the post op blues is probably the culprit. If you still feel lousy after a few days and haven’t ‘been’, ask either your GP or your team for advice. As I also always say (my life I repeat myself a lot, repeat myself a lot, repeat myself a lot….lol) I am NOT a clinician so always check with your primary health care team first and foremost – unless your question is about shoes then I’m your woman 😉

Please let us know how you are today. Hope it’s a bit better. Slowly, slowly, slowly ok?

Doodah x

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