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Re: Day 4 post op, was doing so well and feel rubbish today.

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@Sparklepumpkin 28714 wrote:

Always feels goodd to have a plan in place

My friends call me Mrs List! I plan almost everything (although not my first child which was the biggest (and best) surprise I have ever had in my life haha!) The fabulous Stacey Brova even bought me a little list book with my name printed on it haha! And I have just panicked as I couldn’t see it on my desk. Phew found it. OCD much?

Planning is a great thing but it’s all well and good until something doesn’t fit in with them. I have learned in this past five years that plans are great – but they can sometimes thwart superb events by unwillingness to adapt. My daughter has been a reminder of this for me most of my adult life. She wasn’t in my plans at the time but she has been one of my life’s greatest treasures (my son and husband being the others.)

Anyway, I digress – Doodah? Digress? Never!!

I’m delighted that you are feeling better. Plan the important stuff, embrace the unexpected and always bear in mind that life often throws us in at the deep end. At that point you can chose to either sink or swim. Or plan ahead and buy some arm bands. That’s what wls is to me: some arm bands in the ocean of life.

Doodah x

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