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Re: Day 3 pre op diet. Feeling rough.

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@Doodah 23610 wrote:

Everything you are feeling is utterly nomal. If you weren’t nervous and worried you wouldn’t be taking it seriously enough!

I remember the feeling of blind panic I had at the thought of not being able to turn to food anymore. It was like killing off an old friend, even if the friend was a toxic waste of space who tried to kill me. The friend was familiar, always lurking in the background to ‘help’ me when things got just too much to bear.

I can tell you with my hand on my heart that sometimes, I still miss that ugly, distructive friend who tried to leech the life out of me even though I can’t tell you why. I guess none of us like change – even for the better, if we don’t understand how to handle it. Wls is our tool. It is the big gun in our arsenal with which we can threaten our old ‘friend’ to bog off and leave us in peace. The trick to making wls work is finding a new friend whether it be exercise, a hobby, new interest or just getting back into life again. I’m going to post about this a bit later as it’s not easy to do.

Keep your eye on the prize and just do the very best you can. We are all here to help and support you – we really are xx

Doodah x

Thanks so much Doodah, it’s good to know it is normal. I’ve been able to tell my family and friends I’m not losing it lol. They got very worried I was going to back out but yesterday I had a complete turn about anyway. By the afternoon I had almost no appetite, my mood lifted lots and I had more energy. I even went out to a supermarket with my mum and brought some more tea, milk and bovril. I was absolutely fine. There wasn’t a chance I wouldn’t stick it out but I’m proud of self all the same. I still feel nervous of course but the excitement is back and I’m willing time to go quickly, not because I’m hungry but because I’m eager to get started on with the next bit 😀 x

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