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Re: Day 3… post op

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Whitey wrote:
Hi Daisy So glad your op went well. I think at this stage it’s very important to listen to your body and rest often. Fluids are very important so just try to sip all the time. Lots of water and milky drinks are good choices. Possibly the hunger you talk of is “head hunger”. I remember waking up from my op and thinking that it was amazing that it didn’t hurt. Take care and be kind to yourself. Elaine x
Congratulation! Just remember it’s going to get a lot better! I don’t know anyone that can get 2 ltr in, in the early days! Just do what you are. As for the amount of food eat what seems right you’ll soon learn if you eat to much. Maybe try 1/2 to 1 teaspoon more. The biggest thing is to relax the more you do that the better it gets. Drink out of a water bottle with a sippy lid and set yourself a level to get to by the end of the morning and so on. Remover to do little walks. Good luck! X

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