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Re: Day 1 milk diet

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@Johnpettet 33194 wrote:

Hi, it’s my first day of my milk diet!!!… I’ve enjoyed 3 pints of milk, 4 small jellies & 2 mugs of black coffee! Oh forgot the 3 litres of water!, been training my self for the last 4 weeks by having nearly no sagar porridge for breakfast and only soup for lunch & a small dinner & lost 4kg, the day times I think will be ok as I am a driver and always on the go from 5am. The main time I think I am going to struggle is dinner times with the family!

Hi John

Welcome to our friendly forum.

I always think the milk diet is the ‘real’ beginning of a new life after wls. It takes so much will to win to get it done!

Like Chris, I really liked the milk diet for it’s simplicity. I actually think that is was makes it so easy to stick to! Which wls are you having? We have all sorts on here! I’ve had a bypass.

I think the eating with the family part is hard in the beginning too, especially on ‘occasions’ such as Christmas/birthdays/festivals etc. But nothing will taste as good as feeling and looking healthier feels – that I CAN guarantee!

Please keep in touch so we can hear all about how you are coping. A 4kg loss is a fantastic start. Well done.

Doodah x

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