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Re: Day 1 milk diet

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@Johnpettet 33212 wrote:

Thanks all, meal times are better than I though! Having my last pint of milk, bovril & jelly!, feeling good!I thought that Saturday & Sunday would be hard but I’ve kept my self busy in the garden and only noticed late that I still have milk & jelly my op is booked in for the 19th Feb at Gatwick Park! Enjoying what people are saying about their weight loss and how they all encountered problems either with the milk diet or post op and overcome them! Today is day 4!

You are doing wonderfully well John. Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can get used to something?

Like Treeza says, you are well on your way now. You are going to love it. It’s mind boggling how quickly our lives change for the better after wls. Health improves almost immediately – especially if you have co morbidities!

Keep in touch because that will help fight any demons that might try to thwart you. That nasty little devil ‘head hunger’ will try to sabotage you for a while yet, so you just have to drown it out with a flood of positive thoughts and feelings.

Doodah x

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