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Re: Dangerous behaviour- alcohol

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Hi Paul….

I had my band last day of August 2011. List around 25kilo.. I’m at harrow this morning to see quack…

Far be it for me to dictate to anyone who has a weakness, But as you say a few beers a week is well within normal alcohol intake, six pints I wonder if it could be the slippery sloop? And then a kebab !!! Is there such a thing as a small kebab??

My personal weakness Is wine… It will depend on what shift I’m doing but on average one bottle a week… Again normal situation this would not be a problem…

I have given up beer completely since operation… No fast food etc… I have had three fills so far and in the last two weeks find my intake and thought of food getting higher so time for a visit to quack for a fill….

Personally Paul I would not be able to drink 6 pints then a kebab ( not without being sick ) due to band restriction.

We all have a weakness and this is a tough journey, the hardest duet I have ever been on, but the mist rewarding…. And if I caused some discomfort to any band / bypass patient I’m very sorry, and I don’t know your background but It leaves a little bad taste in my mouth when I read some who have moaned that the band or bypass is not working and you read further into there threads and they are still binging, (especially when they were NHS funded) little McDonald hear, curry night out there fish and chips to cheer them up etc… Not that we aren’t entitled to a night out and try to live a normal life but we have to be careful and work hard with the band…

Each fill I have had has worked and I have thought that’s it I’ve reached the so called sweet spot, but then around 6/8 weeks later I find food is high on my mind, then of the harrow I go….

Last Saturday I had a medical for my work license the nurse I had not seen before and she did not have my past medical records, I passed every test that was set, her words were ” your breathing and respiratory system is that if a 20 year old” I was very pleased, I completed every exercise, hearing test blood pressure was very good (normally high) eye sight very good, but I failed the medical on them few very nice words BMI…. She told me I need to lose some weight witching the next three months or lose my license. I looked at her and wanted to cry, but just grinned and said yes. So in on light duties which made me laugh that being heavy I’m on light duties. !!! My boss was shocked as he knows how much wright I have lost.

By the way my BMI is 32…. Which is still obese…. A BMI of 30 is good… So only 2 points to drop within the next three months.
What would she have said last year when my BMI was 46?????

Keep focused Paul

Love John xxxxx

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