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Re: Dangerous behaviour- alcohol

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Hi Paul

I just want to second what John said about you being brave in admitting that you have had a hiccup in your regime.

You are so right in that we all have a weak spot. Mine is cake – any type of cake. You would be amazed how many times cake is part of a celebration or outing. Cup cakes are my absolute worst friend as I find it so hard to resist them, even though I know they will make me sick or feel absoutely wretched. I try to steer away from them when I am feeling vulnerable. It’s the beginning of Lent on Wednesday so I am going to give up all ‘bad’ foods that have crept back into my diet (tiny, tiny amounts though) The only thing I cannot give up is some sugar in my tea. I have maintained my weight for 2.5 years taking sugar in my tea so I see no need to stop now. However, the other naughty little things do me no good whatsoever so can be ditched.

I think the fact that you are so honest not just with others, but with yourself, is a sign that you will be just fine. It means you will ask for help and boy do we all need it?! It’s just that some don’t ask for it and go ‘off the rails’ sometimes. Good for you for knowing your own downfalls and trying to address them.

Doodah xx

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