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Re: Couple of questions

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That makes 110% perfect sense to me Shelley.

I was so scared of coming off my anti depressants because I had been depressed and hopeless for SO long. However, the minute I woke up from my surgery I felt like the weight of the world had already been lifted from my shoulders and that my body would eventually catch up. It did. I felt lighter both in spirit and body. As my confidence grew (and my body shrank) I was able to face any challenges with the absolute belief that I could actually win. I didn’t win them all but I believed I could and so tried. Before I wouldn’t have even considered it.

I’m so excited for you. I love seeing people emerge like butterflies from a chrysalis – not longer scuttling caterpillars hiding under leaves but beautiful, agile creatures soaring high in the sky and flitting from flower to flower. Sorry got a bit carried away with the whole butterfly imagery there haha!! But you know what I mean. I do because I was that scuttling little bug!! My life has changed so much since my wls and I know how much it can do for others. It literally saved my life and gave me a better one.

Doodah xx

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