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Re: Couple of questions

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Hi Shelley
I still go out with my friends and either drink bottled water with ice and a slice of lime or coffee if they sell it. It takes a big of getting used to and I did pop out to the local the other night and was very annoyed as they didn’t have bottled water or hot drinks!! If I go to a dinner party I try and pick up a bottle of wine for my partner and a bottle of the still flavoured water with no added sugar and that suits me fine.
I stopped drinking a few months before the op, partly to prepare myself and also because booze did not mix well with the 20 odd pills a day that I was taking.
I now take 4 tablets for a back injury and my anti depressants.
They do stop all of your meds when you have the op and I did find that the combination of withdrawal and feeling a little under the weather was not great for me so I saw my gp and got back on them in the first week (liquid form but I had to fight for it!)
The nurses at the hospital told me that they had undertaken many clinical trials with meds and it was safe to stop most things but if you are worried I would advise talking to your gp to see what they think.
I had my bypass 8 weeks ago and am off most of my meds including blood pressure tablets and have lost 5 and a half stone. I feel great apart from the occasional tiredness and am aiming to come off the antidepressants over the coming months.
I wish you lots of luck and if you have any other questions feel free to ask or pm me 🙂
Love Katy

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