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Re: Couple of questions

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@shelleymarie 23086 wrote:

Hi all,

So I was thinking about life after bypass, as you do, and I started thinking about things like my friends birthdays, and events like that and thought obviously I’m going to be invited to go out to pubs/bars, but what am I going to drink? I mean I want to avoid alcohol for at least a year, if not permanently because of the empty calories/getting drunk easily etc. Also I know fruit juices can be a problem because of the sugar and carbonated drinks because of the bubbles. So what do you guys do? especially in those first 6 months or so. Obviously I can drink water but it’s not very exciting. Maybe I’ll have to ask for it on the rocks with an umbrella in it? lol.

The other question is about medication. I know I will go through my meds at my pre-op so I’m not worried, I was just wondering if anyone was on antidepressants before the surgery and if you had any problems taking them after? If you don’t mind sharing. I’m on a hefty amount that I’ve been on years, a couple of them have bad side effects if you stop without withdrawing slowly so was just interested in other peoples experiences really. Would be also interested to know if anyone on them before the surgery got off them after the surgery. That is something I’m hoping for.

Anyway if anyone can answer any of these questions I’d be grateful.

Thank you
Shelley x

You could take a little bottle of sugar free syrup to add to your iced bottled water to ring the changes and ask for lemon/lime/orange slices. Either that or I drank tea! Still do.

As for anti-depressants, I take none at all and haven’t from about one month post surgery. I used to be on 3 Fluoxetine a day so you can imagine my level of depression. The fact that my life had been saved by the surgery and I could see a future for both myself and my family again meant I was able to fight back even harder. It wasn’t easy but I managed it and, if I can, anyone can xx


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