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Re: Coping with negative life experiences.

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@Deifersmum 28913 wrote:

Oh Doodah, I do feel for you, as the owner of the smartest most loving german shepherd cross the planet has ever know I can totally empathise with you, Zak was also a rescue having been found abandoned and extremely thin, he is now my best friend, sole mate and rock. So you can imagine my heartbreak when we found out he had to have a hip replacement at the grand old age of 2 and a half, if anything had happened to him during that operation I would have been sitting here in tears too.

However, you are a true inspiration to us all, proof that life does go on and your Bennie wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Take care and don’t throw anything of his away, I put my spaniel’s belonging in a memory box and I occasionally go up in the attic and look at the things in there, as much as I love Zak my Deifer was perfect.

Take care and remember him with pride.

Lots of love and big hugs.


Thank you so much Lesley.

You know what? I haven’t thrown away anything that belonged to any of my beloved dogs. We still have Bertie’s collar from 19 years ago, also Arnie’s from 6 years ago and of course my beautiful Bennie’s collar, tag and lead. We had to throw away bennie’s bedding as it was totally ruined with blood and other stuff. I also didn’t try to salvage it as my poor little Pippy is still trying to find him 🙁 He had a funny 5 mins in the park over the weekend – running around like he had a rocket up his bum looking for Bennie. He went so mad in the Forest on saturday that he has hurt his leg again and is having to do lead walks only. Poor boy.

It’s so true that life has to go on. It’s the way of things and is probably for the best really. I’m so grateful for all the support you are all giving me. It’s truly heartwarming. Thank you xxxx

Doodah x

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