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@bakes28 27917 wrote:

OMG today is hell. I only managed two sips of this mornings slimfast, 2 sips of the one at lunchtime but then chucked it away and got a bottle of one to drink rather than the one I had made which made a bit of a difference. Just had another one and now sipping my marmite drink. Really looking forward to two jellys in a bit.
I still haven’t managed more than 3 slimfasts in one day and I don’t think I will. not even feeling that hungry. Although just dishing my daughters dinner up was awful, I really wanted the veggies. And I’ve been craving a huge cold glass of fresh juice all day…something I never really drink. I’ve lost 7lbs since Monday morning.
Have the headache from hell, had it since yesterday morning.
Had my pre-op today. Hoping all bloods and everything come back from that.

Sweetheart, phone your team and tell them how much you are struggling. I’m almost certain that your headache is dehydration. This can become serious quite quickly so make sure you get advice from a clinician asap. NEVER suffer in silence – your team are exactly that – people on your side wanting you to win.

Please let us know how you get on and what they say

Doodah x

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