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@Doodah 28215 wrote:

Hi Kitten. Nice to hear from you again.

Have you tried the bariatric superstore for everything sugar free? here is the link:

Bariatrics megastore

I’m afraid I can’t help you regarding the sugar substitutes as I have never switched to any of them – naughty I know but that’s just me! It hasn’t made any impact on my weight loss so I’m not going to bother now. However, if your dietitian has advised you to do it then I would certainly never suggest otherwise.

Hope you find something you can get along with.

Doodah x

Thanks for that Doodah – Im just at that stage of thinking about going for a bypass – I was a bit naïve, because I thought this surgery was for people that just over-ate, I was really embarrassed to go in because I thought that the surgeon/dietitian would think that I was lying about my food intake, after showing them my food diary, which consists mostly boiled veg and tea with sugar (3 cups per day). They say they have seen people like me that still cant loose weight after years of on/off starvation – but I have to try and give up this sugar in teas, as this is what is keeping me going, and eating a bit more – so here we go I am giving it a go, its very scary. Looking at the mega store its encouraging, because I again assumed that I would never be able to eat a piece of chocolate ever again, not that I do now, but I have done in the past.

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