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Re: constipation

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@kellbell 33415 wrote:

Hi thank you for your advise i had gastric bypass now week 4! I am taking a daily Hi-Fibre drink Fybogel and I’ve tired milk of magnesia liquid which is good for overnight relief without being painful like dulcolax.

Also it struggling abit with portion size atm my brain isn’t telling me when I’m full at all and
there’s been a few times were I’ve not known I’m full had another mouth full and had pain but haven’t been sick

It takes quite a while for your brain to catch up with your body. My own way is to only ever dish up half of what I think I need.I can always have more if I need it – I never do! Do you have a portion control plate? I use mine every single day.

Bariatric Portion Plate | | Bariatric Cookery

I personally think this plate is better suited to someone who is at least 6 months post wls. It’s far too much for a ‘newbie’ in my humble (non clinical) opinion.

Plain old water and gentle exercise is best for constipation – again my own opinion. The other thing I drink is cabbage water. Or any leafy green cooking liquid really. Nice and warm with a little bit of yeast extract in it. It’s a bit like french onion soup without the onions haha! It works wonders for the skin too.

I hope you find your OWN way of dealing with it my lovely

Doodah x

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